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Welcome to PROFIBUS Ireland

PROFIBUS is the world market leader in fieldbus technology. For many years, PROFIBUS development has continued with undiminished enthusiasm and energy. PROFIBUS Ireland provides services to companies interested in PROFIBUS, whether as ultimate end-users, system providers or as equipment vendors. The organization provides technical support, distributes technical and promotional literature and organizes a wide range of training events.

PROFIBUS Ireland represents PROFIBUS in Ireland and offers local support here. Click below to read about PROFIBUS Ireland.


PROFIBUS Ireland is a strong organization. Membership offers you numerous benefits and synergies both in technological and in marketing aspects. Free documentation download and participation in PROFIBUS fair booths are just two examples for such benefits. Click below to get a list of members' benefits and to read more about membership.


PROFIBUS allows communication between devices of different manufacturers without any special interface adjustment. PROFIBUS can be used for both high-speed time critical applications and complex communication tasks. Through its continuing further technical developments, PROFIBUS is the industrial communication system prepared for the future.


PROFIBUS is a standardized, open, digital communications system for all areas of application in manufacturing and process automation.

PROFINET is the innovative open standard for Industrial Ethernet. It satisfies all requirements of automation technology..

IO-LINK is an independent sensor / actuator interface solution for use with PROFIBUS and PROFINET.